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Career Change for Competitive Professionals

Change Your Job, Not Your Life!

We want you to live a fulfilled life. That’s why Relearn Institute helps you change your job, not your life.

Career Change for Busy Professionals

Helping you find your life’s passion!

Are you ready to make a career change, but aren’t sure where to start? Relearn Institute is here to help you ignite your career, steer your path, and make work work for you.

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So you’ve decided that you want to change your career to something that fits your life better? Relearn Institute helps professionals like you make such a transition.

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Relearn your career path

Career Change for a Better Work Life Balance

Relearn Institute supports you on your career change journey. We help you master new skills, network, and find your dream job. We believe in your career change and we will support you until you have found your dream job.

Helping People Find Their True Lives

We help you learn to love your work life balance. In today’s demanding world, we live in careers that leave us disconnected. Some people turn to coaching to help them find happiness. We have a different approach. We have learned that reconnecting with what you love and nurturing that can create happiness.

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Coaching Sessions

How Will We Do It Together?

1-on-1 Career Coaching

Receiving individualised attention is a great way for you to focus on different aspect of strengths and goals.

Group Career Coaching

Group coaching for up to 5 people sharing the same concerns and following the same goals.

Online Career Coaching

1-on-1 online coaching through Zoom or any online meeting platform.  


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